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After a year hiatus, the fourth annual Beaver Bowl touch rugby tournament returns Thursday, August 22 to cap off the Beavers and Banshees 2019 season!

This is the most glorious touch rugby event our Club does, and only the best teams get their names etched in permanent sharpie on the coveted Beaver Bowl Trophy (Specifically, the last winners called themselves F*ck You Lucas, and President Lucas would very much like to not have that team win ever again).

Juniors, Beavers, and Banshees – past and present – are all invited to play in this super fun event.

Teams are largely assembled on the fly, so don't hesitate to come without a team. You also don't need to be registered with Rugby Canada or pay anything to participate.

After the tournament there will be a social for food and beverages at Bowman’s on Bank Street.

Who: All Beavers and Banshees. Young and Old. Junior and Senior. Past and Present.

When: 6:30 pm on Thursday, August 22

Where: Glebe Collegiate

Cost: Freeeeee

See everyone there!

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