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Ramping Down

It would be an understatement to say that this year wasn't exactly the rugby season of our dreams (well... unless nightmares count as dreams?).

Notwithstanding, we made the most of what we could - participation in our winter training was rock solid until the lockdown, and, thanks to our Strength and Conditioning Coach Mack Long, people managed to get back outside and keep active since mid-June.

But we are reaching the point of the year where we traditionally ramp down and take a break for a few months. This year will be no exception, and so we are looking to close shop now that Thanksgiving is behind us.

If you would like to continue with off-season fitness activities, Mack is still taking on OBBRFC Club members in his personal training gym at a fantastic price point ($30 per week for two 90-minute sessions per week), and can be reached at The training operates in small, contained groups of 3 participants and is focused on improving strength conditioning and tracking results. Those who have already started in the program have given it nothing but praise!

Looking Ahead

With COVID Wave 2 now in full swing, we are laying low on some of our traditional off-season social events that would normally be on the horizon. Our usual halloween social will instead be a virtual trivia night on October 29, and our Santa week festivities in early December are on ice for the time being.

Our Annual General Meeting has been pushed from November, and will tentatively take place virtually in January to give the Exec more time to evaluate the situation heading into 2021.

Indoor winter training, which usually starts in January, will not begin until March. Assuming rugby is back by next summer, we have already booked some late winter/early spring dome time in order to focus on building up to the 2021 season.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for some club-led activities that we will be sharing through the winter, such as virtual exercise routines, canal skating and ski nights.

In Conclusion

This is a bit of a depressing message. But it highlights the reality that the road to reconstruction still has a considerable degree of uncertainty and rough times ahead.

In keeping with the Club's core values of Perseverance, Hard Work, and Solidarity, the Exec stands ready to navigate through the challenging times to come, but we will need all the help we can get. If you would like to identify that you are willing to help the Club out with anything, please give President Lucas a shout at

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