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No one told the Banshees the season was over, so they went to play a post-season friendly vs. the Wolves on Tuesday. It was a fun game, and a lot of Banshees got to try playing new positions (plus we had a great social with the Wolves afterwards).

The Junior Beavers played the Scottish in a post-season exhibition. It was a hard-fought match with a try-for-try effort for the first half. Beavers pulled ahead by a few tries in the second half, and then gave up a few when the Scottish dropped to 14 players and we matched. Game ended in a tie but it was great to keep the kiddos playing to bridge the gap until Fall 7s starts up.

Banshees vs. Wolves: Win 44-7

Tries: Alex, Julia (2), Sarah (3), Anali, Shelagh

Conversions: Julia (2)

Dame of the Game: Julia

Hardest Worker: Eva

Junior Beavers vs. Scottish: Tie 29-29

Tries: Glenn (all but one), Brownrigg (one)

Conversions: Glenn

Man of the Match: Glenn

Hardest Worker: Blake

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