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Heatwave rugby!

Beavers 1s played their semi-final playoff match against RCM. The boys had some trouble finding their feet to start the game and found themselves in a bit of a hole through the first half. When they finally did find their feet, they brought the thunder and nearly pulled off a comeback for the ages. But alas, they ran out of time before they could finish closing the gap and fell short 32-26 to cap off the LPR’s rugby season.

The women were supposed to host CRQIII in the first round of their post-season seeding match. Unfortunately CRQ forfeited so the women played a green vs orange intrasquad match instead to test out their new pumpkin-themed training plans. With this default win, the women are closing out their LPR season next week with a trip to Montreal to play TMRII.

The junior boys played in the EORU jamboree, joining forces with Kingston to play the Scottish. The girls went out to Petawawa on Sunday. Nod to Teagan for her try and Alexis for subbing for the other team.

Beavers 1 vs RCM: Loss (32-26)

Tries: Pierre (2), Clem, others

Converts: Probably Ben?

Hardest worker: Clément

Man of the Match: Pierre

Banshees Orange vs Banshees Green: Win Orange (Lots-10)

Tries: Danielle, Gabi, Sam, Leigha, others

Princess of the Patch: Sam

Lady Pumpkin: Gabi

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