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Banshees took a trip to Beaconsfield to close off league play with their last divisional crossover match against the superleague's CRQ women's side. It was a tough, physical match against some very high talent opponents, but the women kept grinding it out to the final whistle.

Beavers 1s had the week off, while the 2s played a game against the Irish 2s. The 2s started a bit slow and let in several quick tries from the Irish, but they pulled it together for the second half, outscoring the Irish through the back 40.

Junior Banshees went to TERP to play their 2nd jamboree tournament. Tries were scored, fun was had. Special mention goes to Nia, who was a beast, as well as Teagan for showing some great leadership on the u16 squad.

Beavers 2s vs Irish 2s: Loss 35-12

Tries: Jimmy James, Nathaniel

Man of the Match: Dillon

Hardest Workers: Jimmy James & Lourenco

Banshees 1s vs CRQ: Loss 70-0

Dame of the Game: Alessia

Hardest Worker: Danielle

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