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Super exciting weekend of rugby was had, topped off with a fun trip to the Canada-Spain game at TD Place on Sunday afternoon.

The senior teams had a perfect weekend, shutting out all our games. Women went to Westmount and found some offensive firepower against the Ravens.

Beavers 2s played the Wolves, who took on a few players from the Blues but still needed us to lend them more bodies to make a full line. Lots of tries were scored by a lot of people, but a big thanks is due to the Beavs who played against us to make sure the game happened.

Beavers 1s went to play the Wanderers and took home a decisive win to remain on top of the tables. with a 6-1 record this season, their final season game against Westmount next weekend will decide who tops the prov 1 division.

As a result of this weekend, all senior teams should now be playing one final weekend of home games for the playoffs of August 6.

The juniors also played their first games of the season. This year's game system is setup as a jamboree-style, so it's a bit mixy matchy to make sure that games happen - not always ideal but still better than the constant forfeits in pre-covid days. The Junior Beavers joined forces with the Irish and Blues to form the Ottawa East Combo Team and played the Scottish and Ospreys. The Junior Banshees went out to Perth on Sunday - the team got split up a bit so one squad played with the Ospreys and Lanark against , and the other played as a standalone team - each team played a few games against other teams. Overall, it was awesome to get the kids playing games again!

Banshees vs Westmount: Win 46-0

Tries: Nancy, Soup, Alexa, Sofie, Alessia, Sam, Firiale

Converts: Lindsay (3), Leigha Penalty Kicks: Lindsay

DOTG: Katelyn

HW: Soup

Beavers 2 vs Wolves: Win 20-0 (Forfeit)

Tries: like everyone? Carter, James, Young Young, etc.

Converts: Probably, yes


Beavers 1 vs Wanderers: Win 35-0

Tries: Clement (2), Dillon, Adrien, Mack

Penalty kicks: Ben (3)

Converts: Ben (2), Dillon

HW: Turner

MOTM: The Tight 5

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