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A tonne of rugby took place this weekend as 80 of our senior men's and women's players competed in a quadruple header at TERP.

The Beavers I defeated the Montreal Wanderers for their 3rd straight win in the FRQ Prov 1 division. It was a solid match and our backs put up a great run of points against the Wanderers to take the lead in the divisional league standings. Beavers II had a hard-fought match against the Irish IIs but were ultimately bested despite noticeable improvement and development from their first match last week. It was also amazing to see so much strength in the men's numbers as we continue into the summer.

The FRQ is running a post-covid recovery pilot this summer for their women's divisions where every team gets to play a team from a different division. As a result, the women got to experience their first taste of Quebec Super League rugby against the vaunted TMR 1st XV. Likewise, the Lanshees (Banshees 2s combined with Lanark) played the Kingston Panthers thanks to some drastic league imbalances that are now to be addressed within the EORU women's division. The scores of both games were a bit one-sided, but the women played with heart and kept working until the final whistles. There were also 30+ women available to play last weekend which is awesome to see as the program continues to rebuild after the pandemic. The Banshee 2s also debuted their new 90s retro jerseys, which looked great!

Beavers I vs Wanderers: Win 55-17

Tries: Pierre (3), Fabio (2), Glenn (2), Slugs, Cummer

Convert: Glenn (3), Ben (2)

Man of the Match: KO

Hardest Worker: Irish

Beavers II vs. Irish II: Loss 46-7

Try: Dillon

Convert: Dillon?

Man of the Match: Probably Dillon

Hardest Worker: TBC

Banshees I vs TMR I: Loss 83-0

Dame of the Game: Danielle

Hardest Worker: Julia

Lanshees vs Kingston: Loss 76-0

Dame of the Game: Katelyn

Hardest Worker: Katelyn

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