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We've sadly learned that our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mack Long's mother has recently been diagnosed with late-stage colon cancer. She recently went in for surgery and is recovering well in spite of the longer term prognosis.

One of Michele's lifelong dreams has been to take a trip to Spain, and Mack is organizing a fundraiser to help pay for this trip for her this summer.

To this extent, Mack will be selling custom-made leather lifting belts. Lifting belts are key pieces of equipment to support core musculature during high intensity strength training,

Each belt is locally made in the Ottawa Valley, and they sell for $200 apiece. They are handcrafted from locally sourced materials, and available in a variety of sizes, colours, and branded logos.

If you are interested in helping Mack with his fundraising efforts (or would like to know more), please contact him at

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