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The Ottawa Beavers and Banshees held their 2020 Annual General Meeting on January 21, 2021.

We'd like to thank everyone who attended - it was encouraging that turnout at our AGM was as high (if not higher) than our AGMs on years where we actually had rugby to report on.

The focus of the AGM was largely centered around the work that the Club had undertaken before COVID preparing for a season that never was, our experience through the lockdowns, and our plans (and challenges) as we move forward to rebuild from all that we had lost over the last year of inactivity. For anyone who did not attend, the report is available at the following link (email Lucas for the password):

The Club is pleased to announce that our new Executive for the 2021 season is now named (and that everyone position has been filled!), and we're ready to deliver on reconstruction efforts. Please welcome the following people into their roles :

VP Game, Senior Men: Jeremy Salgo & Cole Bonadie VP Game, Senior Women: Anali Stewart & Helena Legault VP Game, Junior Men: Emerson Hawkins VP Game, Junior Women: Kim Goodwin VP Development: Andrew Fawcett Treasurer: John Walsh Secretary: Jared Gunn Registrar/VP Admin: Shelagh Purcell President: Lucas Bloess

Additionally, the Exec has named Connor Gunn to the Director of Communications role for the coming term, and we are pleased to introduce Parastoo Badie into the newly established Director of Wellness role.

As both Cole and Helena have graduated from our junior program during the pandemic months (by some divine providence both expressed a willingness to fill exec positions this year!), the Executive has also named two new Junior Ambassadors to continue giving our junior players more representation at our management table. Please welcome Hugh Phillips for the Junior Beavers, and Kaylee Curran from the Junior Banshees.

A huge thanks is also due to outgoing exec members Will Robinson, Alex Byrne Samantha McFarlane, Janelle Martin, Nick Catton and Skye Purdy for your service to the OBBRFC.

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