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On Thursday, January 27, the OBBRFC held its 2021 AGM - we owe a big thanks to everyone who joined in, and we are pleased to welcome the new executive board for 2022:

  • President: Lucas Bloess

  • Secretary: Cole Bonadie

  • Treasurer: Shelagh Purcell

  • VP Administration/Registrar: Ashley Lebreton

  • VP Game, Men: Jeremy Salgo & James Young

  • VP Game, Women: Anali Stewart

  • VP Game, Junior Girls: Jessica Redman

  • VP Game, Junior Boys: Connor Gunn

  • VP Development: Kyle Manke

We also owe a huge thanks to all of our outgoing executive members who had helped the Club with its recovery from the pandemic closures over the past year(s): John Walsh, Jared Gunn, Helena Legault, Andrew Fawcett, Emerson Hawkins, and Kim Goodwin.

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