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The Beavers now run the largest men's numbers in the city, so we are piloting the expansion of our program to include a third men's team.

As part of this, the Beavers "3rd XV" played their first friendly against Brockville on Thursday evening, complete with Coach Shaggy on the starting lineup.

Brockville fields a pretty strong team, so it was definitely some stiff competition for our men's side. The first half was a bit one-sided, but the Beavers took the momentum back to win out the 2nd half. It was a fun way to go into a long-weekend, and a good proof of concept that we could look to expand on.

Big thanks to Brockville for making the trip to TERP for the match - always a pleasure.

We weren't really keeping track of the score so apologies for the vague report below:

Beavers III vs. Brockville: Loss 6ish tries to 3 or 4?

Tries: Not sure, Jacob for a few, Young Young another, and maybe one more.

Converts: Young Young (or was it Doc?) for a few

Man of the Match: James Young

Hardest Worker: Dave Batky

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