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It was Club Weekend, and all five teams saw time on TERP's front pitch with a quintuple-header spread out over the Saturday and Sunday. A huge thanks to everyone who joined us at the Park over the weekend. 

The OBBRFC was all wins on Saturday. The Beavers II had, lost and then regained composure to grind out a hard-fought victory over the Nomades de Laval. The men's 1st XV then delivered a mostly perfect performance against the Ospreys, and the Senior Banshees capped off the day with a solid win against Nomstown. 

The Junior Banshees showed solid improvement all around ("you can tell because Willow didn't have to yell as much") in their game against the Ospreys/Lanark combo team. The game got called a bit early due do an injury, and so the score reporting was also thrown for a bit of a loop.

The Junior Beavers showed up hungry for some rugby, but unfortunately the Ospreys only marshalled a handful of players. Notwithstanding the forfeiture, a few of our guys stepped up to throw on Ospreys jerseys and get some rugby going anyways. The Beavs popped in a few quick tries early in the game, but then another injury happened, and the game unfortunately got called a few minutes thereafter.

Beavers II vs. Nomades: Win 22-10

Tries:  Robbie, Batky, René

Converts: René, James Young

Penalties: James Young

Man of the Match: Chris Niles

Hardest Worker: Tom Byrne

Beavers I vs. Ospreys: Win 56-0

Tries:  David (2), Raf (3), Fabio, Miguel, Irish, Clement

Converts: Miguel (6)

Man of the Match: David

Hardest Worker: Miguel

Banshees vs. Nomstown: Win 86-7

Tries:  Sandy (4), Amson (3), Rachel (2), Todd, Lewis, Tea, Alexis, Julia D

Converts: Rachel (6), Jess (2)

Dame of the Game: Ashley Amson

Hardest Worker: Sandy

Jr Beavers vs. Ospreys: Win 28-0  (conceded by Ospreys)

Tries: Nathan (2)

Converts: Nathan 

Junior Banshees vs. Ospreys/Lanark: Result TBC

Tries: Willow (multiple) 

Dame of the Game: Charlotte

Hardest Worker: Laura

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