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All 5 of the Club's teams took the field this weekend with the start of the junior season!

The Banshees started the weekend off with a game vs the Ottawa Irish. Their game saw a marked improvement over last year's results in a gritty performance that saw our women with ball possession most of the game. The women didn't take the W, but they definitely ground out some hard fought tries in the battle. No one should walk away from that one with their head hanging. 

The Beavers IIs were looking to build on their first win of the season, and they did so with a decisive win over Westmount II. Solid effort all around (with the exception of President Lucas who scored one try and then spent the rest of the game collecting offside penalties). 

Beavers Is played the top-seeded Westmount Is in an effort to take back the 1st place divisional standing. When the system is working, the men looked great and they managed to take an early lead for a good portion of the game. Westmount played a strong technical game and made the comeback with some sniper kicks and a late try. More practice required!

The Junior Banshees took on the Kingston Panthers to open their season. It took the girls a few minutes to find their feet  but some strong leadership from senior players helped solidify their defense and produce some good offence in the end. The junior coaches look forward to seeing where the team will go as they continue to ramp up for the summer season.

It was a hard fought game by the Junior Beavers against Kingston. The first half was a tough battle going up and down the pitch. After a few unlucky moments, Kingston managed to take a few tries before the half. The Beavers returned the favour by coming out strong in the second half with a try and building some cohesive team play. The squad is showing some great potential early in the season.  

Beavers I vs Westmount I: Loss 24-15

Tries: Ken, Bruno

Converts: Miguel

Penalties: Miguel

Hardest Worker: Cummer

Man of the Match: Bruno

Beavers II vs. Westmount II: Win 43-7

Tries: Smeegol, Brayden, James Young, Robbie (2), Byrne, Lucas

Converts: Rene (2), Doc (2)

Hardest Worker: Brayden

Man of the Match: James Young

Banshees vs. Ottawa Irish: Loss 48-26

Tries: Alexis (2), Katya, Sam

Converts: Rachel (2), Jess

Hardest Worker: Sandy

Dame of the Game: Alexis

Junior Banshees vs. Kingston: Loss 46-17

Tries: Willow (3)

Converts: Ella W

Hardest Worker: Hannah

Dame of the Game: Willow

Junior Beavers vs. Kingston: Loss 50-5

Tries: Cole

Hardest Worker: Blake

Man of the Match: Cole

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