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The men and women had a bunch of games on June 24. The Beavers IIs played a hard-fought match against the Blues. The Blues didn't have a 1s game that day so the boys were facing some pretty stiff opposition.

The Banshees 2s were supposed to play the Blues women but they only had 9 players so the game was called.

The Beavers and Banshees 1st teams both went to Barrhaven to play the Scottish. Both squads walked away with wins on the Scottish Club Day.

Banshees II vs. Blues: Win (20-0 Forfeit)

Banshees I vs Scottish: Win (28-12)

Tries: Lindsay, Alessia, Jas, Amber

Conversions: Lindsay (3), Bell

Bodie: Bell

Johnny Utah: Teanna

Beavers II vs Blues: Loss (65-5)

Tries: TBC

Beavers I vs Scottish: Win (22-17)

Tries: Clement (penalty try), Bruno, Robbie?

Conversions: Glenn

Penalty Kicks: Glenn

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