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The Senior Men played their second fall friendly this weekend, hosting Brock RFC from the Toronto Rugby Union. Brock fielded some big boys and a talented lineup, but the game was dead-even at half. The score got a little carried away as we started fielding fresh legs through the second half, but beers were had afterwards to cap off a very physical game of fall rugby.

The Juniors played some EORU fall 7s on Sunday. The week-over-week improvement on the Beavs is showing some real growth as they adjust to the transition from 15s. They won their game against the Blues and were narrowly edged out by the Scottish. And they won their game against the Ospreys (by default), for whatever that's worth. The girls played their first round of 7s today and looked great - They beat the Blues-Irish squad, tied Lanark and dropped one to the Scottish. They should be ready to put on a decent show for WHITU 7s in a few weeks.

Senior Beavers vs. Brock RFC: Loss 50-25

Tries: Amine, Salgo?, Shaggy, Germain, others

Conversions: Migs (a few)

Man of the Match: Clément

DOTD: Clément

Junior Beavers 7s: Win vs Blues; Win vs Ospreys; Loss vs Scottish

Man of the Matches: Evan Roy

Hardest Worker: Hugh Phillips

Junior Banshees 7s: Win vs. Blues-Irish; Tie vs. Lanark; Loss vs. Scottish

Dame of the Games: Ella Widdis

Hardest Worker: Kaylee Curran

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