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Junior season schedules have been overhauled quite a bit this weekend.

Please note the new schedule below, particularly that there are games next weekend (June 23), and that the schedule now has a trip to Kingston for both junior teams on July 14. 

Hopefully this provides enough advance notice enough to cause minimal impact on everyone's schedules, and we apologize for any inconvenience and conflicts that this may cause. 

These changes are outside of the control of our Club Executive, but please contact President Lucas at should you have any questions or concerns. 

June 23 at Twin Elm:

Banshees vs. Irish (11am)

Beavers vs. Irish (12pm)

July 6 at Twin Elm (CLUB DAY!):

Beavers vs. Ospreys (10am)

Banshees vs. Ospreys (2pm)

July 6 at Twin Elm:

Beavers vs. Ospreys (10am)

Banshees vs. Ospreys (2pm)

July 14 at Kingston:

Banshees vs. Kingston (time tbd)

Beavers vs. Kingston (time tbd)

July 21 at Twin Elm:

Banshees vs Irish (11am)

Beavers vs Irish (12pm)

July 28 at Twin Elm:

Banshees vs Scottish (11am)

Beavers vs Scottish (12pm)

August 7 at St Patrick HS (Ottawa):

Banshees vs. Blues (time tbd)

Beavers vs. Blues (time tbd)

August 17 at Pembroke:

Exhibition: Banshees vs. Pembroke (time tbd)

September 29 at Twin Elm:

Beavers 7s at WHITU 7s (all day)

Banshees 7s at WHITU 7s (all day)

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