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President Lucas here from quarantine.

On behalf of all the OBBRFC Executive, team management and coaching staff, I want to reach out and wish everyone tidings of safety during this period of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation.

I equally want to express my sincerest appreciation for those who are out there on the front lines: Hospital and medical workers immediately come to mind (Bruno, Anne-Marie, Chris Niles, Fabio and Jess Redman, to name a few), but we also can’t forget those like Alex Lourenco, Ben Rea, and McKeen Metro Glebe’s Scottish Mike, who are performing essential work to keep our society afloat through the incoming storm.

I want to take an opportunity to offer a bit of certainty in these uncertain times by providing some insight into the Club’s ongoing activities as well as the preparations we are making to ensure that we are still able to make the absolute most of the 2020 rugby season:

Staying Connected

We realize our Club activities may seem a bit quieter the last few weeks. But just because the Club is not active, doesn’t mean we aren’t active. I would encourage everyone to find their way into our facebook groups in order to get connected on weekly fitness challenges, videoconference social events and general shenanigans. This is a good way to help stave off the loneliness and keep socially and physically active during our downtime.

Staying Operational

Even though we have no clear sight on when the lockdown will end, the Club Executive is also working hard to ensure the OBBRFC is operational as soon as it is safe to head back outside:

Coaching positions are being filled, and our coaches are organizing themselves for the upcoming seasons;

  • League schedules are still being prepared and will be shared once available (although they might, understandably, need adjustment as we approach the start of the seasons);

  • Twin Elm Rugby Park is being cleaned up and ready to host matches;

  • Social events are being earmarked in our calendar through the summer;

  • Our club t-shirts are here and ready to keep handing out to players once they’ve registered (our registration portal also remains open in case anyone wants to take a proactive stance on their 2020 registration situation);

  • Equipment and mandatory essentials are en route so we are stocked up on everything we need to get going;

  • Kit is being ordered and will be ready to ensure all players look their finest come game day.

  • Field rentals are booked and we’re ready to hit the turf once the quarantines lift.

  • Contingency plans are being prepared to ensure that we can squeeze out as much rugby as humanly possible this year, no matter what scenario COVID-19 dumps on our plate (and, we are looking at ways to accommodate people who will have difficulty affording player dues given the widespread financial impacts of the outbreak).

Staying True

Perseverance. Hard Work. Solidarity. Fun.

These values have constructed a collective identity for the OBBRFC that have, in turn, built the largest and most stable senior men and women’s rugby program in the city.

And even though today’s circumstances, activities and efforts have changed, all of these same values will help us endure the crisis and quickly come back from a position of strength once things return to normal.

If you are stuck in a situation where you need help - physically, emotionally, financially - the OBBRFC and our members are here to support one another. Please contact me directly at to see how we can be of service.


Lucas Bloess


Ottawa Beavers & Banshees RFC

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