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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The OBBRFC will be hosting an end-of-year banquet celebration at the Rideau Sports Centre (1 Donald Street) on Saturday, November 20 starting at 8pm.

Due to the unique circumstances of this season, we will be forgoing the full formality of the OBBRFC Awards Gala we usually hold in January in favour of a more casually-oriented banquet to celebrate all of the things we accomplished this year (70th anniversary AND covid recovery all-in-one!). 

Tickets are $15 and will include appetizers. Dress code is semi-formal, assuming anyone's dress attire still fits them. 

You can reserve your spot by filling in the survey below:

Ticket money can be sent to John Walsh at 

Seating is limited, so we will sell tickets on a first-come-first-service basis and close it off once we sell out. Due to capacity constraints, preference for attendees will be given to active club members only (ie players and supporting staff). 

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