Registration for the 2021 season is now live and can be access at the button below. 


2021 Registration fees are currently set as follows: 

  • Junior Players (13-17): $75

  • Senior Players (18+): $150

    • In recognition that the pandemic has left many of our players in precarious financial situations, the Club Executive has decided to offer discount codes for senior dues deductions to those who feel they need it. This is entirely based on the honour-system, but you may use either of the following discount codes on checkout to claim the deductions:

      • for $25 off your registration, use code:​ 297604a3947b04d78.00983356

      • for $50 off your registration, use code: 297604a3929869d83.55875182

The Club has made great efforts to ensure fees are kept as absolutely low as possible in recognition of the restrictions on activities as well as financial impacts of the ongoing pandemic on many of our players.


Notwithstanding, the Club maintains a long-held belief that financial restrictions should never stop a person from playing rugby. If these costs present a barrier to you or your family members from playing rugby with us this summer, please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar Shelagh Purcell, and we will identify a solution to overcome these barriers. 

Please note that all 2021 registrations cover non-contact rugby activities until April 30, 2022, as permitted in Rugby Ontario's Return To Play Protocols. Should contact activities be reintroduced prior to the expiry of this registration, there may additional costs to upgrade registrations in order to participate in these activities. 


For a full description of our 2021 summer scheduling, please click here


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