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We encourage anyone looking to play rugby games in the 2024 season to register with the Rugby Club of Ottawa, which can be accessed by clicking the button below: 


Junior fees (born 2006-2009):

Thanks to grant funding that the Club has received, junior fees this year will be set at $250 for the full 2024 season.


Senior fees (born 2004 and older):

The full senior registration fee is set at $475. However, there are discounts available as follows:

  • New students: $100 off

  • New players: $50 off

  • Returning students: $50 off



In addition to discounts for new players and students, players can also get a $50 discount for referring a new player to the Club.


Anyone who qualifies for any discount should contact for a discount code before completing their registration.​


Automated payment plans for 2024 senior registrations are also available. 

If you need a payment plan, please choose the Senior Player (Payment Plan) option from the registration categories. You will be required to pay the Rugby Canada/Quebec fees ($264) upfront, and the remainder of your dues will be charged to you monthly over three smaller installments. 

You may still use discount codes for students and/or new players, so contact for your code before completing your registration. 


We maintain a long-held belief that financial restrictions should never stop a person from playing rugby. If the registration cost presents a barrier to you or your family members from playing rugby, please do not hesitate to contact and we will identify a solution to overcome these barriers. 

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