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The Club’s objective in running junior rugby programs is to encourage the growth of the sport, and to develop player skills and character.

The Rugby Club of Ottawa's junior boys compete in the Rugby Quebec junior league. Games will run on Sundays starting in late June and run until early August. 

The team is open to players aged 14-18, and registration fees are $250 for the year. 

We adhere to the highest standards of player safety, and all junior players must attend a minimum of 2 practices before they can be permitted to participate in games. 

As always, junior players receive a club t-shirt with their registration, as well as team shorts and socks paid for by our Club Alumni.

A complete description of our 2024 training plans will be posted shortly.


Junior dues for the 2024 season are $250, which is the lowest price for junior rugby in the area.  


Notwithstanding, our junior program strives to ensure that financial reasons do not present a barrier to entry into the sport of rugby. If you or your child is interested in playing junior rugby but the registration fee is an issue, there are a number of volunteer hour opportunities available over the course of the season that can be used to reduce an individual player’s dues as well as to count towards high school volunteer hour requirements.


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