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2018 Award Winners

The Ottawa Beavers and Banshees hosted their annual awards banquet on January 19. The winners are as follows:

Rookies of the Year

Senior Beavers: Peter Van Langendonck

Senior Banshees: Emma Thuot

Most Improved Players

Senior Beavers: Tim Thomson

Senior Banshees: Janelle Martin

Junior Beavers: Ben Rea

Junior Banshees: Julie Sincennes

Captain’s Award

Senior Beavers: Rafael Huet

Senior Banshees: Kim Goodwin

Junior Beavers: Miguel Kabore

Junior Banshees: Emma Tapp

Chris Davis Memorial Award

Chris ‘Shaggy’ Fox

President's Award

Samantha McFarlane

Most Valuable Players

Senior Beavers 1st XV: Jeremy Salgo

Senior Beavers 2nd XV: Connor Gunn

Senior Banshees: Amanda Todd

Junior Beavers: Kieran Blair

Junior Banshees: Kishia Castillo

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

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