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Beavers I hosted the Ormstown Saracens. Fresh of last week's decisive victory over the Ospreys, the Beavers kept the ball rolling with a decisive win for the home crowd.

Mont Tremblant returned to Ottawa to play the Beavers IIs. The 2s put on a tight match through the first half, with a tie game after 40. A lot of subs in the second half saw a lot of fresher faces hitting the field, and Tremblant was able to capitalize on it. All in all, seems like a good excuse to keep coming out to practice, if anything.

Banshees travelled to Ormstown looking for a rebound from last week, and they got what they came looking for. Decked out in a new set of jerseys, the women saw great improvements in terms of their teamwork on the field, and a big shout-out is due to Little Malak and KIshia - fresh out of the Banshees junior program, the kids killed it as a 9 - 10 combo.

Beavers I vs Ormstown: Win 55-10

Tries: Bruno (2), KO (2), Fabio (2), Pierre, Salgo, Xander, Raf Converts: Migs (6)

Hardest Worker: KO

Man of the Match: Fabio

Beavers II vs. Mont Tremblant: Loss 43-10

Tries: Brayden, Phil Hardest Worker: Jacob

Man of the Match: Chris

Banshees vs. Ormstown: Win 38-12

Tries: Amy (2), Andrea, Ashley L. Debbie, Katya

Converts: Rachel (4)

Hardest Worker: Todd Dame of the Game: Amy Lewis

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